Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hey friends and family! 
I am finally here! It is amazing and my nerves are starting to finally calm down. We live in an apartment in the center of florence on the street "Via Dei Pepi #73". If you google map it you can see our green front door! I live with 5 girls, and I definitely lucked out they are all awesome and fun! This week we have been walking everywhere, getting lost, drinking yummy espressos every morning, a little shopping, some orientation for school. But the most memorable thing we have been through this week was our interesting apartment troubles: 
No hot water for 2 days= stinky girls for 2 days. 
No working fridge= interesting food choices and shopping for food.
DIRTY comforters=paranoid sleeping.
No heat= 6 layers of clothes.

Right now we are blogging, and pla
nning trips to take in the next few months how fun! And here are some pictures of the first documented day.  

On our way to the Ponte Vecchio bridge this afternoon, we stopped in a bakery/butcher shop (weirdly common) and we met these two lovely sisters, Francesca and Giuliana! 

On the right is a new friend, Nick that hangs out with our apartment full of ladies. He just got a new pair of Ray Bans and felt the need for a cool  photo shoot! There is graffiti all the way down our street, but this garage next to our apartment seemed especially cool :) 

These are the girls of apartment Via dei Pepi! We were shopping for dinner at a cool inside market next to the Duomo. It 
was huge inside and here in this picture we were buying our first "love fern" for the apartment.

Our last stop today was the Ponte Vecchio bridge. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was full of jewelry, and interesting people. There are "triangles" that you can climb down on on the bridge we are taking pictures from them, very scary I almost fell off! Im not clumsy or anything... but it was a fun experience.

Thanks for all the prayers! As you can see I am having a great time. There is so much more to come!


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  1. Nice pictures :) I've gone through the no heat thing once before, and it was winter so it was AWFUL - I feel for ya on that one!