Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The first and hopefully a last

Where to begin. Rain. I am not complaining I love the rain, but somehow rain seems to come with many surprises. For instance our apartment has had  more surprises! A busted pipe. Hopefully that will  be the last time Laura comes up to tell us water was leaking from our floors. On the upside a new apartment might be in the future, one with working heat and water? Just some simple necessities. 

Last night, the first night before classes I was so nervous! I finally feel asleep to Mr. Bon Iver. I woke up to my "pimp nokia italian cell" (as stella says), and headed to espresso with the girls to start our day. My first class was Classic Film Photography, 5 1/2 hours, ouch. However things were looking up for me when I found out we have a 30 minute COFFEE BREAK. This is just the place for me. This was the best part of my day, our professor Mr. Fadigati, rekindled my passion for photography. He talked about the power of Black and White photography. How it is special, and abstract from what we see everyday. He defined photography to mean "writing with light", its a from of communication, a beautiful one. I believe these things as well, and this discussion reminded me somewhat of why I love film photos. He also said "The talent is not in the tool, but in the mind". I am very excited to see what I can learn from this professor, and to have the opportunity to capture photos in such an extraordinary and beautiful place!

I then went home to journal and sketch and listen to the rain, a great afternoon for me. However my second class of the day did not go as smoothly as the first. As I left, confident with my surroundings, I "walked with purpose" to la sQuola. Only to find out about ten minutes later I realized that I was most likely nowhere near my class, I asked for directions. I find it ironic that I am trying to ask for directions in Italian while heading to Italian class, because the only italian phrase I know is "ciao bella". I show up at 4:50 to my 4:30 class, sweating and flustered. On my way home looking forward to a warm room, I realized I forgot my keys. Luckily I only had to wait for a few minutes for my roommates to arrive and let me in. 

My day was interesting and somewhat stressful, but I got through it finally! Now at the end of the day my wonderful roommates are all sharing stories and having laughs. I appreciate that I have great girls to live with, and experience  the difficulties and enjoyable things that Florence brings with them. 

Next up: Amsterdam. 

Ciao, Emily

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