Monday, February 23, 2009


Ciao family and friends,

I finally feel like I am getting a routine in my life over here! School 3 days a week and usually traveling for the other 4, it's a tough life. This weekend, my roommate paige, a friend Mandy, and I got up early friday morning and headed to the train station. We had no idea of where we were going to travel to, but once we got there we decided to just take the next available train out, which was Siena! It is a small and beautiful town about an hour outside of Florence. When we arrived we headed towards the central part of to
wn, which is enclosed by a great medieval wall. We went out to lunch, took pictures of this "sleepy" to
wn, and soaked in the sun we had been longing for! My favorite part of the day was a tower we climbed (466 steps) to overlook the rolling hillsides of the town. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen, it was up there with the Swiss Alps. 

From the tower, we went to a temporary museum exhibition called "Where Madness Meets Genius". It was a collection of works from patients and artists that used their pain and suffering to communicate what they were going through. It was interesting, however most of the depressing and dark images I saw stayed with me for the next few days. On the bright side, it was a great and adventurous day!

This week I am back to classes, where quizzes and projects loom. But one thing I am looking forward to, is my new Portrait and Documentary photography project just assigned. I really enjoy the small class of 5 because it is much more personal and I feel that I have the freedom I want, but quality attention and direction. In the next two weeks I am creating a theme of street artists in Florence. I will be shooting pictures of them at night, and then bringing them into the studio for some portrait work. It is a little risky I feel to ask them to come to our studio, but I was told the risk is necessary, yikes. 

But as the weeks go on and more adventures around Europe take place, while having a blast, I am friend sick. I'm experiencing great and new things, but it's not the same to not be able to share it with the ones I love! I do appreciate being able to skype to see your cute faces, new hair cuts, hear stories, and send goofy videos ;). So to all of my friends reading this, (especially my 5 frogs ;) ) I miss you terribly and wish you were here with me! You are all on my mind, and I am glad to have fun memories to think back on when we are all separated! 

Next up: Milan

♥ Emily

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